You have ideas, goals, and a vision for your business but don't know where to start, how to do it, and you honestly, don't have the time to figure it all out alone!  You need help, experience, and a partner to help, inspire, guide and get dirty with you. That's why I created The CCP IMPACT Programs — to help you think through your business goals, create powerful plans, brainstorm with me, and get into action! There is a way to create your plans and get things done, over and over again, that makes you feel confident and energized that you are moving in the right direction and toward that ultimate Utopia of financial and lifestyle freedom that being an entrepreneur provides. To learn more about Cheryl and the credibility she has built in this field, click the button below to apply to work with Cheryl.

"Cheryl’s knowledge, drive and determination are invaluable, and put our concerns to rest." - Lizzie Thompson

Cheryl's passion is coaching and inspiring entrepreneurs to develop and create the processes and systems to grow and scale their organizations. Cheryl's approach focuses on practical strategies, tools, and resources that can help business owners take their businesses to the next level. As a speaker and coach, Cheryl has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs implement the plans and infrastructures needed to turn their dreams into reality. Her experience having to create, grow, and transform her own businesses provides a refreshing and unique perspective. She gets it…and knows how to help you get it done!

Her focus is on results!  Each year that you follow the program you will see your business grow and then you will want to add more strategy for that next level.  If you have completed the Startup IMPACT Program and you feel you no longer need or want the Complete Program, you can cancel at any time.  That is my guarantee to you!  I look forward to working with you and helping you grow your business!





The CCP IMPACT Programs are focused on the Critical & Complete Progress needed for business success.  It begins the coaching relationship with an in-depth diagnostic business assessment that focuses on uncovering your business's SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). Our goal is to help you uncover your primary business objectives and create the ultimate strategic growth plan to guide your implementation strategies and actionitems for the future. 


You will be provided with one on one coaching & action items designed to tackle your initiatives qt a pace that is comfortable for you.  You will have, in hand, a concrete growth plan of action with realistic SMART goals and deadlines.  After that, we become partners in accountability and we begin to work together to implement the plan and meet the deadlines, during which I provide you with the support, resources (the ones I use that work and eliminate the trial and error for you) and real-life business tools to grow the infrastructure of your business for true scalability & growth.


The CCP IMPACT Program has two options. With each program you will get as many months of coaching that you need, as we craft the perfect strategic growth plan for your business.  The Start-Up program is designed for the businesses (for profit or not for profit) that are in the beginning stages of getting started.  It will tackle the basics and get you established as a “real” business so you can begin to tackle your customer and client development strategies and start making money doing what you love!  The Step-Up Program will focus on helping those businesses who are beyond the basic startup phase, but need to identify the gaps, find out your SWOT and develop a 2-3-year growth strategy to get you to that next level.  Maybe you’re ready to hire employees or add to your team? Well that comes with additional infrastructure needs and I will help you get there!  Both programs come with monthly 1-1 coaching calls, tools, technology, implementation support and accountability to ensure that your goals become a reality.

Impact on growth is important no matter the timeframe, and with our Start Up IMPACT Program you will receive the foundation of a great business structure including:

  • Assistance in determining your overall business goals for the future- Do you want to grow a business to sell it, or leave it as a legacy?  We will figure it out together, depending on that goal, and we will create action items to create your business with that future goal in mind!

  • Step-by-Step coaching on choosing a name, business structure, registering your business, getting your Tax ID, setting up your financial, marketing, operational, communications and sales/service structures.  

  • Coach assisted identification of your specific company action plans that are Specific, measurable, realistic and timely.

  • One on One coaching along the way through Monthly coaching calls.

  • An online system with education, tools, action item tracking, and reminders.

  • Discounts on live and/or web-based training and sessions.

Once your foundation has been poured, you will need additional support brainstorming and implementing the strategies and action items.  Will you need to add technology or recruiting plans?  Will you need to innovate your marketing and sales efforts? How will you do that and who will help you research your options and create these things?  Where do you get what you need to create your growth infrastructure and who will hold you accountable to working on your strategies and incorporating your team?  That is where the Step-Up/Level-Up Program comes into play.   The Complete program includes:

  • A detailed business audit with reporting and growth strategy recommendations.

  • Coached assisted development of a 2-3 year Strategic Growth Plan with Key Organizational Initiatives, key strategies, action items and KPIs.

  • Continued ongoing monthly coaching sessions as you work through your action items and deadlines.

  • A coach advised market & situational analysis

  • The tools, plans, samples, templates and research support you need to really get it done (I’ll be “like” a contracted COO with you)

  • An online system with education, tools, action item tracking, and reminders

  • Free access to training webinars on topics that you may have in your action plans

  • Discounts on live and/or web-based trainings and sessions for your team

"My problem before working with Cheryl was that I wasn't driven enough… I didn't take my life as seriously as I should have. Working with Cheryl taught me commitment and to go after what you want." - Natasha Johnson



The first step of the CCP IMPACT Program is setting up your 30-minute strategy session with Cheryl. This is your opportunity to identify your needs and come up with a plan that will build success.

Cheryl Cooper Perez

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