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Cheryl's passion is training and inspiring entrepreneurs to develop and create the processes and systems to grow and scale their organizations.  Cheryl's approach focuses on practical strategies, tools, and resources that can help businesses owners take their businesses to the next level.  As a speaker and coach, Cheryl has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs implement the plans and structures needed to turn their dreams into reality. Her experience having to create, grow, and transform her own businesses provides a refreshing and unique perspective.

As a consultant and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SCP), Cheryl has provided countless trainings, articles, webinars, and speeches on some of the most critical HR topics facing today's employer and small to medium sized business owner.  Her discussions focus on common HR mistakes and how to support building an HR infrastructure to support employee engagement and loyalty.  Cheryl's unique spin being a business owner herself, allows for a truly relatable "diagnosis" and an "in the trenches" perspective.

Cheryl is a well known leader and mentor to many and her influence reaches deep into the hearts of hundreds. Considering her experience in leading both paid and volunteer teams, Cheryl enjoys helping emerging leaders develop their influence circles so they can achieve both professional and personal growth.  In Cheryl's words, "My teams have always been the single most important ingredient to my success! Without the wonderful women and men I have had the privilege to lead over the years, I wouldn't be half the woman, friend or mentor I am today! Without a happy healthy team, you can not be a leader- they go hand in hand!" Training and inspiring others in servant leadership that includes accountability is one of Cheryl's specialties.

Cheryl developed a passion for the empowerment of women while in college securing her certificate in women's studies, but her belief in the pure strength and power of women began at birth being raised by her single mother and amazing grandmother.  "I was never told I couldn't achieve everything I wanted to throughout my life and that included being a mother and career focused BOSS! And even if I had been- I wouldn't have believed it!"  As a mother of six, wife, successful entrepreneur, cancer survivor, and leader of women (60% of Cheryl's staff are women and African American), Cheryl speaks on the abilities of women to not have to compromise who they are or what they want to achieve- EVER! "In my opinion there are not enough women CEOs and that's what missing in this world!" C. Perez


Hi Cheryl --


I wanted to follow up from your wonderful panel at Startup Scaleup yesterday.  It was so insightful (and I plan to start implementing those one-day CEO vacations you mentioned!).

-Rebecca / CEO

I just wanted to say thank you again for participating yesterday! The event, very literally, could not have happened without you! Please let me know if you need anything from me as we are wrapping things up and I hope to get the opportunity to work with you again in the future.


Thanks again!

Jessica Melton

Chief Experience Designer

-Jessica Melton / Chief Experience Designer/Engage! Cleveland

Dear Mrs. Perez,


I am currently an industrial engineering intern at Oatey Company in Cleveland. I am also a student at Ohio University going into my fifth (and final) year. I am reaching out to you because we had the pleasure of meeting at the Engage! Cleveland Lunch with Leaders event yesterday afternoon. I wanted to thank you for being such a sincere and honest leader in the community, and for showing interest in the young professionals sitting around the table.


Going into the event, I was hoping to connect with at least one leader present and your story proved to resonate with my current circumstance. I am 22 years old, going on 23 this year, and cannot wait to delve into the real world. This internship has given me a taste of my future and I am more than excited to continue on in my career path. However, I have recently become discouraged by the seemingly large obstacles that await me. Much like yourself at this age, I decided that I don't want any children and that my career/future success in making a difference in the world surpasses motherhood.


This all changed after hearing your story. I realized that I have always wanted to be a mother, wife, and career woman, it just seemed to be impossible and choosing a path for myself, and myself only, appeared to be the best option. Let me tell you, you are living proof that that is no the case. I was truly inspired by your independence, confidence, commitment to family, and responsibility. Now, I know that I am rambling and you are a busy woman, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reassurance that anything can happen as long as your heart and mind are in the right place.


I will continue on in the hopes of starting my own supply chain and logistics organization for helping developing countries and natural disaster relief. I will continue to embrace any opportunity that comes my way and learn from the experience. Thank you, again, for encouraging young women to live up to their potential. I wish you all the best.

-Julia Nebbia/Student/Future Female Entrepreneur

Cheryl Cooper Perez

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